Cheriton Primary School


Welcome to Foundation Stage

RBW - Rhinos

Mrs Brunger & Miss Wisbey 

RL - Elephants

Mrs Limbu

We have recently enjoyed some exciting visits from people who help us. Click here to see what we got up to!

In Reception we have read The Three Little Pigs, The Gingerbread Man and Jack and The Beanstalk.  The very cheeky Gingerbread Man came to visit our classroom when we had all gone home!  We had baked some ginger cakes for the Little Old Lady in the story as she had been so busy.  The Gingerbread Man came along and took them all from us, however he did come back and apologise, bringing some mini gingerbread men with him for us to decorate. 
A giant beanstalk grew in our classroom when we read Jack and The Beanstalk along with a huge golden egg.  We all guessed what we thought was in the egg and wrote about it.  When we opened the egg we found some magic beans, which we have planted and are waiting for them to grow.  

We have now started talking about growing and had a visit to Tesco to look at the fruit and vegetables.  We used cash to buy some of the vegetables, which we tried when we got back to school.  We also had a look at the packets and marked on a world map where they had been grown.  


We are looking forward to moving on to life cycles of plants, frogs, butterflies and looking at how we have all grown. 

We’ve been very busy in Maths this term too.  We started off learning about odd and even numbers - we explored different activities, playing dice games and pairing socks!  Then we moved on to measuring where we measured beanstalks with cubes, ordered some different length worms and measured caterpillars. Our next focus will be on the numbers 9 & 10.

Special Books 

In the Foundation Stage we use special books as a way of marking your child’s first year at school.

Each week school will send home a photograph or a piece of work that demonstrates a developmental milestone or achievement. We may also send home songs or  poems a child is learning or an activity for them to share with parents.

Parents can add any milestones or achievements their child has made with you, moment’s that are special within a family. This is a fantastic way of recording the journey a child takes through their first year at school.