Cheriton Primary School

Welcome to Year 6  

6M - Okapis

Mr Moore

6T - Sloths

Mr Thatcher


This term children in Year 6 have been learning about mountains and volcanoes. They have located them, understood the reasons for eruption and even considered the benefits and disadvantages of living near these dangerous places.

In English, the children have enjoyed reading Skellig, and empathising with characters from the text. They have used their understanding of the way the characters feel to write an emotive diary entry from the point of view of the lead character, Michael, and a formal letter imagining themselves in the role of a concerned teacher.

We had great fun on World Book Day, where we engaged in a range of literature based activities, creating short stories, sharing favourite books and creating leitmotifs (musical theme associated with a particular character) for the characters in Roald Dahl books.

The children have particularly enjoyed DT where they have designed and written code to create a working navigation device using the BBC Micro:bit hardware. Ask them which different functions their devices had - we're sure they will remember! They have also used CAD (Computer Aided Design) to design a case for their navigation device, as well as sketching a range of logos for use as their own branding. 

In PE, we have been learning the rules of rugby, developing passing skills and applying these in small sided matches.

We also made some beautiful cards for Mother's Day, using origami skills to create 3D Chrysanthemums.