Cheriton Primary School

A Thousand Hours of Kindness!

We are really excited to have taken part in Thousand Hours for our third year running this year!

Thousand Hours is a project set up to bring a ‘Kindness Revolution’ to our towns. A number of people give up their time to help out in communities and 20 schools in Kent have taken part this year.

Kindness has been split up into 5 areas which are:


We try to recognise all of the kind acts we already do in school as well as challenging each other to carry out even more acts of kindness. For example, some classes have made cards for emergency services or for children in hospital, made secret gifts, smiled at strangers, held doors open for others, made posters to cheer people up, and so much more.



This year as a whole school we managed a whopping 5693 hours of kindness across the month of October, which is amazing!

Remember though that kindness isn’t just for October- let’s keep the Kindness Revolution going!


Most importantly, have fun being kind!