Cheriton Primary School

Our School

Cheriton Primary School is situated at the western side of the seaside town of Folkestone. We have served the local community for 55 years and many parents of children who attend the school now, did so themselves as children.

The school site has large grounds that include a wildlife area, sports field, play areas and outdoor learning spaces. There is plenty of space for our children to run, play and climb on our play equipment.

Our children live in the surrounding area of the school and we strive to both involve our community in the life of the school and to reflect the cultural diversity of our local area.

We are a school that puts children and their families at the heart of everything we do and will make every effort to meet the needs of all children.

The school became a "Co-Operative School" in June 2013 when a trust was formed to formally link Cheriton with Hawkinge Primary School and The Churchill School

The "Vicus Trust" allows each school to retain their own governing body and identity whilst formalising the very strong and productive school improvement partnership that has existed since 2009.

School Day: Gates open- 8.35 and close at 8.45
Learning starts and register taken at 8.45
Register taken and learning starts- 1pm for YR and KS1, 1.30pm for KS2
Gates open at 3.10 and close at 3.25
Total school hours per week = 32.5 hours 



 Our School Team


Ms S Dover 

Deputy Headteacher

Mr R Evans

Assistant Head

Mrs R Persaud

Assistant Head

Ms Bates


Mr Allcock

Reception Teachers

Mrs Brunger, Mrs Limbu and Miss Wisby

Year 1 Teachers

Miss Carter and Mr Davies

Year 2 Teachers

Mr Oliver, Miss Richardson and Mrs Young

Year 3 Teachers

Miss Adams and Mr Siddons

Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Cunliffe, Mr Goss and Mr James

Year 5 Teachers

Mrs Ellis and Mr Pichowski

Year 6 Teachers

Mr Moore and Mr Thatcher

Teaching Assistants/Learning Support Assistants

Mr A Goldsmith,

Mrs A Harvey,

 Mrs A Rai,

Mrs B Westcott,

 Miss D Ferguson,

 Mrs  D Hayden – Selfridge,


Mrs M Ghale Gurung,


Mrs L Graham,


Mrs E Harman,


Mrs H Hewett,


Mrs J Devonald,


Mrs J Gray,


Mrs J Sterrow,


Miss K Lawes,

Miss L Davies,

Mrs L Doran,

Mrs P Gurung,

Mrs R Rana Magar,

Mrs C Scrace,

Mrs S Gurung,

Mrs S Lawrence,

Mrs S Tamang Lama,

Mrs W Knight




Family Liaison Officer

Mrs King

Children’s Liaison Officer

Mrs Boyland

ICT Tech

Mrs Page

Office Staff

Mrs Thapa

Mr Rai

Site Manager

Mr McLatchie

No member of staff is earning over £100,000 per year

 We have no members of staff who are Trade Union Officials