Cheriton Primary School



Writing is taught systematically throughout the school. Children may be given specific writing targets which will be shared with parents at consultation evenings and on annual reports. Many opportunities are offered to enable children to develop their skills right across the curriculum. Foundation Stage children are given a wide variety of opportunities to develop their writing through play which allows them to practise and apply the skills that they have learnt in teacher directed sessions. We keep a book of assessed writing for every pupil which shows clear progression year on year. Children use these books from Year 1 to Year 6.

In line with the new curriculum, children will be taught the programmes of study – transcription (spelling and handwriting) and composition (articulating ideas and structuring them into speech and writing)


We teach children a programme of cursive handwriting at Cheriton as we believe that this particular script enables children to master the formation of letter strings, joined script and spellings with greater ease. All letters begin on the line.  Children in Foundation Stage are taught to print letters in a cursive style with ascenders and descenders. If you would like a demonstration, please do ask class teachers.

Here is an example of the cursive style of writing

Cursive Writing