Cheriton Primary School



At Cheriton Primary School, we highly value our links with the local community. We aim to create a friendly and accommodating atmosphere both in school and out of school and we love to get the local community involved in our school life.

Mrs King and Mrs Boyland, our Family Liaison Officer and Childrens Liaison Officer, work hard to organise events across the year for families. These include Parent Coffee Afternoons, Parent and Toddler Group, Family Breakfasts, Art Attacks and Parent Learning events.

During the year we have a variety of ways to engage with out local community which includes the children hosting the local elderly residents for a Harvest Afternoon Tea, children taking part in events at the local Anglican and Baptist churches, the school choir singing in local residential homes, utilising the local High Street for a range of topic work and children being part of the annual Canada Day service at Shorncliffe Military Cemetary.

We like to use our school site to benefit our children and families, we have for example hosted a "mobile" farm on a weekend in partnership with the local Childrens Centre and have a choir and Brownie pack who use our school in the evening at no cost.