Cheriton Primary School

50th Birthday Picnic

To celebrate Cheriton Primary School's 50th birthday, we gathered together as one big community to enjoy a picnic together. Families shared food, children enjoyed playing together and we were all entertained by a range of performances.

Well done to all of the representatives from each year group who performed in the talent show. We enjoyed dances, songs, comedy, hula-hoops and a strong man show!

We were treated to two wonderful traditional Nepali dances as well as a debut appearance from the choir including an exclusive performance of a song called 'If You Believe' by Jaz Ellington and Alex Montaque.

Some of the school adults also sang a few songs from 1968/69 before we all ended the event with a big sing song of one of the iconic songs from 1968- Hey Jude.

Thank you to everyone who came along to make it such a wonderful event.