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Cheriton Primary School
Life at Cheriton Primary School Life at Cheriton Primary School Life at Cheriton Primary School Life at Cheriton Primary School Life at Cheriton Primary School Life at Cheriton Primary School Life at Cheriton Primary School Life at Cheriton Primary School Life at Cheriton Primary School Life at Cheriton Primary School Life at Cheriton Primary School Life at Cheriton Primary School Life at Cheriton Primary School

The school is vibrant, cultural heritages are valued and celebrated. Outstanding engagement with parents. Pupils lives are enriched because you make the most of the diverse cultral and social mix. All staff are proud to work here and enjoy being part of the school. Ofsted

School Brochure 2017

Welcome to Cheriton!

Hello and welcome. We understand that starting school is a new and exciting, sometimes daunting, experience for your child and, in many cases, for you as parents. We want to make this transition as easy as possible for both you and your child.

Each year we admit up to 60 children from our local area, however as a response to a request from the local authority we have for two years admitted 90 children. As you read through our handbook I hope you will get a feel for the high quality of care and education we provide for our children.

Our very recent OFSTED inspection in February 2016 reinforced the 2011 inspection report described us as a "good school with several outstanding elements" that "lies at the centre of its community" and that "parents value the outstanding care, guidance and support the children receive" and additionally commented that "all children flourish. Our high standards are a credit to the hard work of the children, staff and parental support.


The children are at the centre of everything we do and our aim is to give them the best opportunities that we possibly can. 

We see Cheriton Primary as a community made up of the children, staff and parents. We all have an important contribution to make and we value the support of parents and families. Please get in touch if you have anything to discuss, as the saying goes “our door is always open!”

You will soon see that life at Cheriton is never dull: we are always looking for new and innovative ways to make learning enjoyable and challenging. We do not stand still as we are constantly aiming to improve everything we do.

Our Vision

We work together as a team to care for those in our school and the surrounding environment. In doing this we develop relationships and actively seek to communicate with our wider school community. Our school ethos is built around these ideals:

  • Caring for each other and the environment.
  • Sharing goals and aspirations.
  • Learning to live.

We place great emphasis on helping our children to grow into thoughtful, responsible adults with a strong sense of right and wrong.

We educate every child to the best of his or her ability. Equality of opportunity is fundamental to our school ethos. We have a skilled and dedicated team who are committed to providing the best education for your child.

We expect excellent behaviour. Inappropriate behaviour and bullying are regarded as serious and are dealt with promptly and effectively.

Your involvement in the education of your child and the life of the school is positively welcomed and encouraged.

About our School

We have three Foundation classes and two classes for each other year group. As well as individual classrooms we also have the following facilities:

  •  A library
    • A 32 station computer suite linked to the internet.
    • A room for parents to meet.
    • 2 halls.
    • Care facilities for children with physical disabilities.
    • A play area.
    • A large playing field.
    •  A Wildlife area

Each class teacher is supported by a fully trained Teaching Assistant. In addition there may be other members of staff in your child’s class, for example we have additional support to help our children with reading.  All our classes are of mixed ability and there will be times when your child will be taught with their whole class, in smaller groups and also individually. 

We work closely with outside agencies to ensure that children with needs, and their parents in some cases, have access to specialist support and advice.

Our pupils achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum. We are really proud of our SATs results over the last five years as they reflect the continued effort of our children and the success we have had in raising standards. We want our children to reach their full potential and we are pleased to see that in many cases they outdo our expectations!

The Governing Body’s Curriculum Statement

“The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring good quality education in the school. It aims to help children to work to the best of their ability in a caring, friendly, happy and secure school, in full partnership with parents.”

“Within the guidelines of the National Curriculum, we offer your child a curriculum to suit his/her age and ability. We teach the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics, because we believe these are the tools that your child will need in the world outside school. In addition we include scientific, creative, environmental, social, physical and ethical education because we also believe in giving your child a broad, balanced and relevant education”.

The Curriculum

Children in Years one to six follow the National Curriculum, which includes the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, R.E. and Computing. The foundation subjects of History, Geography, D.T., P.E., Music, Art, French and Citizenship are also taught according to the National Curriculum.

Much of your child’s work in school will be practical, investigative and problem solving related to real situations.

However, each National Curriculum area has several essential skills that children will need to develop in order to progress. At Cheriton these skills will be specifically taught as part of a continuous and planned programme of work in each Key Stage.

Special Educational Needs

Some children in school are identified as having a particular Special Educational Need. These children receive extra help from the staff according to their level of need. In this way we are able to help them make the best possible progress, to the best of our ability and available resources. The school has a Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) who liaises with the parents of children who have specific needs. 

Mr Allcock, the Special Needs Co-ordinator. If you need to contact Mr Allcock his telephone number is 01303 290548


The aim of our school is to encourage each child to develop an inner self-discipline founded on respect for other people. High standards are expected from all members of the school community. We expect our children to follow our school rules by behaving well at all times and we insist on politeness and good manners. At Cheriton we will not tolerate any form of bullying. We encourage all children to tell us immediately if they think they are being bullied.

School Worship

We are not a faith school; however collective worship plays a very important part in the development of our distinctive character and ethos.

A daily act of collective worship is provided for all children, some acts of worship are held in class and these are special times for children to reflect and explore their thoughts and feelings.

We are fortunate that we are supported by the Cheriton Baptist Church and the Senior Army Chaplain from Sir John Moore Barracks.

If you wish to withdraw your child from either worship or religious education please contact the head teacher, Miss Maxted or the Deputy Head teacher, Mr Evans.

We are most Proud of

  • Our links with the Shorncliffe Garrison, currently home to the 2nd Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles. A number of the children of service personnel attend our school. In addition to usual lessons we are able, with the support of bi-lingual staff, to teach Nepalese to children during the school day.
  • Our School Council. Every other term, apart from reception children, two children from each class are voted onto the council. The council meet and discuss items decided upon by their classmates or requested by staff. Issues are discussed, debated and voted on. The council has a small budget to finance projects agreed upon.
  • Our performing skills. We get so many complements, our choir and musicians often entertain in hospitals and residential homes. As the year progresses we will be inviting you to our class assemblies. We look forward to seeing you at the nativity!
  • Our sportsmanship. It’s great when we win but we know how to lose gracefully, congratulate our opponents and try harder next time.
  • Our children. Wherever we go, people praise the behaviour and manners of our children. They are a pleasure to take out.
  • Our ethos. This is what makes us different; this is what makes us special. Visitors often comment on how they feel comfortable and at home when they enter our school.
  • Our outdoor space. We are so lucky to have lots of space for children to play. The children enjoy our wooden play equipment and the field gets a lot of use. We have playtime buddies to make sure that no-one is ever lonely at playtime.
  • School meals. Since September 2011 school meals have been prepared and cooked in our own kitchen. Our desire is to encourage children to eat healthily and experience new foods by offering them fresh, home cooked meals.

Contacting the School

Sickness absence

Please telephone the school early on the first morning of absence.

Parents Evenings

We hold parents evenings and information events throughout year. We will tell you about how your child has settled and the progress that they are making.

Informal Chat

Please feel free to speak with the teacher or classroom assistant about your child. You will see them when you drop off and pick up your child. On the rare occasion that the teacher is unable to speak with you at the time they will make arrange a convenient time for that chat.

School Office

Mrs Neely, Mrs Thapa and  Mr Rai in the school office are able to deal with a number of issues, for example school uniform. It may be that you feel the need to meet with one of the management team, if this is the case, please let us know via the office.


Family Liaison Officer & liaison Officer for Children

We have liaison officers who are employed to support families and individual children. Mrs King and Mrs Boyland organise our weekly toddler group and run regular coffee mornings. They also facilitate courses run on our school site by “K College”.

Mrs King and Mrs Boyland can be contacted on 01303 290547

Supporting your child at home

 Your child will be getting used to reading, writing and maths at school. It really helps if you could encourage them to practise these skills at home as well.


Reading at home is the most important thing that you can do to help your child succeed.

Aim to spend about 10 to 15 minutes per day sharing a book with your child. If this is too long then break it down into 5 minute sessions.

Your child will be bringing a book home to share with you. They should be able to talk about the pictures in the book and tell the story in their own words. It is helpful for young children to read the same book more than once, but if you are worried about this please speak to your child’s teacher.

The books provided will be appropriate to your child’s reading abilities, remember everyone will learn at a slightly different pace.

Some tips to help you:

  • This should be a happy time together, not a chore or a test.
  • If they get stuck on a word say “try to work it out”, silently count to three and if they haven’t got the word by then, just tell them and keep the story going smoothly.
  • Make sure they are listening to what they read. Sometimes children do not notice if their reading does not make sense. Ask “did that make sense?” if they are unsure.
  • It might help some children to look through a new book with you before reading it so that it is not completely unfamiliar.
  • After reading, ask your child some questions to make sure that they have understood what they have read.
  • Give lots of praise to build confidence.
  • Enrol them at the local library so they can try new books regularly.




At Cheriton we use cursive letter formation.

Wherever possible encourage your child to write at home.

Some tips to help you:

  • Encourage writing for different purposes, birthday cards and shopping lists are a good place to start.
  • Write words and sentences for your child to copy.
  • Provide different writing implements for your child to experiment with, pens, pencils, crayons etc.
  • Look at different kinds of writing around you like signs or labels.


Number Work                                                                                            

Mathematics consists of a number of areas including, counting, recognising numbers, adding, taking away, 2-D and 3-D shape, measuring in simple ways, time and money. All these skills you can reinforce at home, in a practical, fun way. For instance, making reference to these in your child’s day to day experiences will help immensely. Children feel much happier when learning, using their own experiences : a trip to the shops, looking at the number on houses, finding shapes around the house, sorting their toys are just a few of these examples.

We appreciate the help of our parents in these areas and it really can make a big difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child have homework?

Yes, depending on the age of the child, they are encouraged to complete work at home. The most important is the regular sharing of a reading book with you. Each child is given a homework diary at the beginning of each year which will help them organise their work.

Are there any after school clubs?

Yes, we have several: these include football, netball, cooking and film club.

Do the children go on any visits?

Yes, the children have the chance to take part in many visits. In the past these have included Canterbury Cathedral, Dover Museum, Dover Castle, The Rare Breeds Centre as well as the Pantomime at the Leas Cliff Hall, trips to London and Chatham Dockyard.

Children in year 6 are offered the chance to go on a residential five day trip.

The school subsidises every visit to a high level and sometimes the trip does not incur a cost to parents at all. Year 1 went to a local Chinese restaurant for the Chinese New Year.                      

Can I help the school?

In many ways! You could come and hear children read, help in the classroom with art work, you could help at fund-raising events.

Your support in whatever way, large or small, will be very much appreciated.

Is there a breakfast club?

Yes, there is. It starts at 7.45 every morning in the complex hall. It costs £2 per day. If you would like your child to go, you just need to let your teacher know.

School Uniform                                                     

Our school uniform is simple and gives a strong sense of identity. Most items of uniform can be purchased in the high street or main supermarkets. Please see the uniform sheet enclosed.


  • Grey or black trousers (tailored shorts in summer).
  • White shirt or polo shirt.
  • A school sweatshirt or fleece.
  • Dark shoes or sandals in summer.


  • Grey or black trousers or skirt.
  • White shirt or polo shirt.
  • Grey/Blue checked dress for summer.
  • School sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece.
  • Dark shoes or sandals in summer.

PE Kit.

  • Black or navy blue shorts.
  • Plain white t-shirt.
  • Plimsolls or trainers
  • P.E. bag

Please see our leaflet enclosed.

Other essentials include a warm coat, hat, gloves etc. as we try to spend time outside even in winter.

The school sweatshirts, cardigans and fleeces can be purchased/ ordered from the school office.

In addition you will need a school book-bag.


Please ensure that all items have your child’s name in them. Imagine 30 children all changing for PE at one time, it is very easy for a top or jumper to be mis-placed!


In addition to the lunch time supervisors, the children are accompanied by a member of the Foundation team. We are keen to ensure that children have sufficient to eat and will let you know if they are not eating. Once they have had lunch there is some time to play.


School Dinners                                                                             

Every child in Foundation and KS1 are entitled to a free school meal each day from September 2014.

Reception children start their dinner slightly earlier than the other infant children. They sit together as a class at tables.

Packed Lunches                                                                    

Children having a packed lunch will eat in a designated area of the foundation department. However, by the end of the school year, as part of our transition programme they will join the rest of the infant department in the hall.


We have a healthy snack every morning; this is usually a piece of fruit.


Your child is eligible for free milk until they are aged five. Please see the enclosed form for you to complete, alternatively you can apply on-line. When you child is five you will be given the option to pay for your child to continue to receive milk. Please see the milk form enclosed. If your child does not drink milk then please arrange for them to bring a bottle of water each day. It is important for your child to be hydrated as this has been shown to help their learning.